What the hell is an aeolist?csb-photo
According to the Grandiloquent Dictionary an aeolist is “a pompous windy bore who pretends to have inspiration.” Sounds about right.

Who would do such a thing?
aeolist.net is Charles Brown’s website.

This is my online place for sharing my photographs, random thoughts and links to other sites that interest me.

This is the most recent version of this site. I started aeolist.net back in 2006 and it has gone through several incarnations since then.

From time-to-time I’ll write something for the blog but my history with blog posting isn’t very good, and honestly, I don’t think anyone except me has actually ever read any of the stuff I’ve written. Oh well.

Contact Me

You can reach me at aeolist@aeolist.net. Or you can tweet me. Or not. Charlie is @windybore on Twitter

Other Sites
I also have a Flickr page.