The plodding pace of iOS improvement

Serious question: Will the version of iOS that runs on my iPad ever catch up to the MacOS that runs on my Mac Pro? The new iPads look really great but I don’t see how the power of the new hardware translates into a more capable device that will replace my Mac. The new iPads may be many time faster than my current 9.7-inch Pro model iPad but I can’t see spending close to $2,000 for a laptop grade iPad will improve my computing experience. Things likely won’t improve until iOS 13 is released next fall, and even then who can tell? Perhaps Apple’s secret roadmap to full OS parity will take years and years to unfold. Who knows? Apple’s not saying.

All this gets me to my real point. Why is Apple, a company with seemingly vast resources, locked into this annual upgrade pattern? Why not continuous evolution? Lack of funding? Unlikely. Lack of talented people? Maybe. Lack of internal processes? Probably.

Anyway, the release of an extraordinarily beautiful, capable new iPad has had the the opposite of the expected effect. Instead of being excited about the new hardware and rushing out to buy I’m angry about the lack of advancement of the platform as a whole. My “Customer Sat” is dropping like a rock.